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School Pass Video Visitor ID Verification

Make sure you know exactly who can or cannot enter your campus building or classrooms with SchoolPass from Scarsdale Security. 914-722-2200


How SchoolPass works

Remote visitor monitoring

Scanner and card printerWith the SchoolPass system, parents or other visitors ring in from the lobby on a video intercom, where they also present their driver's license to be scanned as a photo ID.You'll validate the visitor's identity and print out an ID card for use during their visit. Access to your facility is then granted. SchoolPass components include a video intercom, scanner and an ID card printer located in your lobby. Advanced, two-way communications technology allows you, or our operators, to monitor and talk to visitors remotely.

  • A visitor to your facility uses a video intercom to speak to a remote security specialist.
  • The security specialist asks the visitor to place his or her driver's license on a small scanner next to the door
  • When the security specialist matches the video image to the scanned ID, a visitor badge is printed using the visitor's scanned driver's license
  • The door to the building is unlocked and the visitor is invited to proceed to the main office
  • The visitor is announced to the office personnel via two-way radio.

Authorized visitors only, identified by SchoolPass

SchoolPass lets us check visitors against a database of authorized and non-authorized visitors, including:

  • Approved parents and family members
  • Approved parental representatives
  • Scheduled appointments for pre-registered visitors are approved in advanced via email
  • Approved district personnel, picture ID required
  • Approved vendor list, picture ID required
  • Non-approved or offender lists, if available

SchoolPass Information and Subscriptions

Ask your Scarsdale representative about our affordable subscription plans, or call Scarsdale at 914-722-2200 for complete SchoolPass system information, costs and greater protection for your students and staff.

Put SchoolPass to work at your schools

Part of our mission to provide unsurpassed security for educational institions is our commitment to stay abreast of emerging security threats and the latest industry and government preventative solutions. The SchoolPass visitor identification program is part of that commitment.

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