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Burglary, fire and other threats can destroy your family's peace of mind. Scarsdale protects you and yours with the latest security technology, and the most professional residential security team in the business. Call Scarsdale today, 914-722-2200.


Put Scarsdale Security in your home, on your side

Put the latest and best security systems to work for you. You have several plans to choose from, depending on the size and layout of your home and property. All of our systems provide immediate protection and quick response from local emergency agencies.

We can look into your home if an alarm sounds to confirm a burglary and advise police, fire or emergency personnel for immediate response. You can even look for yourself using special security apps. Some of the services we offer are listed below.

$99 Peace of mind at home starts with a Scarsdale Safe Connect Home Installation.

Typical system components pictured below.

Home security components

Environmental Monitoring and Alerts

Security means more than guarding against intruders. Environmental threats like fire, flood or gas can be far more devasting than a broken window or a missing tool.

smoke alarm

Our system watches for environmental threats like smoke, carbon monoxide or leaking water. If a problem is detected, our operators will quickly dispatch emergency personnel to investigate. Call 914-722-2200 or ask your Scarsdale representative to learn more.

Safe Connect Home, the smart, affordable way to secure you home

Take advantage of a special offer from Scarsdale Security to install a Safe Connect Home system for only $99. Safe Connect Home systems give you total protection, including the latest remote montiroing apps, an affordable price.


Safe Connect Home includes the latest remote apps to let you look in on your home, check on the kids, check your account, and make sure your home and posessions are safe with convenient live monitoring from your computer or handheld device.

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Call 914-722-2200 for a comprehensive review of your home's security. Find out how easy and cost effective it can be to have Scarsdale Security watch out for you and your family.

Fire Dispatch Priority Release

Click here for an important legal waiver regarding verification of fire zone alarm prior to dispatching emergency fire personnel. Print out the PDF form, sign it and mail it back to Scarsdale Security at the address indicated. Consult your Scarsdale representative for more information and assistance.