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Protect your home and family from burglary, fire and other threats with the latest security technology, and the most professional residential security team in the business. 914-722-2200

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Put Scarsdale Security to work securing your facility

Put the latest and best security systems to work for you. Scarsdale has several commercial security plans to choose from, depending on the size and layout of your facility. All of our systems provide immediate protection and quick response from local emergency agencies.

Scarsdale monitoring personnel can look into your facility if an alarm sounds to confirm a burglary and advise police, fire or emergency personnel for immediate response. You can even look for yourself using special security apps.Scarsdale's Commercial Security include custom design services, Access Control and complete electronic, video and paperrecords of who is entering or leaving your building.

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Scarsdale knows the security of business

You can depend on Scarsdale to make sure your business stays up and running with professional monitoring and loss prevention services. Our electronic and video monitoring services watch out for intruders, but we also watch out for all the other things that can threaten your business at any time, day or night.

Alarm Systems

We protect offices, warehouse, yards or other property with the latest and best security systems available. We have several standard plans to choose from, as well as full custom design and Premier Services to meet your total security needs.

Video Monitoring

Scarsdale video solutions provide constant, recorded surveillance of any and all areas that you may want to be monitored for intrusion, loss prevention and employee training. Video may also be augmented with interactive audio services.

Environmental Control

Gasses, water or other environmental factors can destroy your business or property from the inside out. Make sure you're protected with the latest sensor and monitoring technology from Scarsdale Security.

Scarsdale works with architects, contractors and your management team to design the best security system to meet your needs. Some of the components that go into a great system are listed below.

  • 24/7 Smoke detection and Fire Department notification
  • Intruder alarms while you away or at work
  • Video Monitoring and Alarm Verification
  • Access Control and evidentiary services
  • Urgent Help Needed for people with disabilities or medical emergencies
  • Look"Home from School" and other notifications
  • Network and utility monitoring

Environmental Monitoring and Alerts

Business security and property protection

  • Interior and Perimeter Intruder Alarm
  • Fire and Smoke Alarms
  • Urgent Help Needed, for elder care and those with disabilities
  • Indoor and outside Video Monitoring
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Water and Environmental Monitoring

Important business security options

profileScarsdale Security has several options to protect your business with the very best and latest security technology.

  • Virtual Guard Services
  • PageWatch notification
  • Network Monitoring services
  • Scarsdale does more for your business than security. Let us do more for you. Call our Sales Department at 914-722-2200 to find out how we can tailor a security and monitoring program that fits your needs.

    Security means more than guarding against intruders. Environmental threats like fire, flood or gas can be far more devasting to your business than a broken window or a missing tool. If an environmental problem is detected, our operators will quickly contact you and dispatch emergency personnel to investigate. Call 914-722-2200 or ask your Scarsdale representative to learn more.

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